Training & Facilitation

In parallel with my role as a counsellor, I also offer bespoke group facilitation and training to community organisations, charities and social businesses.

The call to ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ applies to organisations and groups as much as it does individuals. Being part of a group should be meaningful, rewarding and effective – for the organisation, for each individual and for the wider world. My aim is to support healthy organisational cultures that nurture individual autonomy and creativity, creating groups that are as concerned and brave and transformative with regards to their inner life, as they are with changing the outside world.

I work closely with each organisation to tailor their sessions to the priorities, skills and dynamics of the group. With more than two decades experience in building the capacity and skills of community organisations, I support groups and leaders to manage the delicate balance between the experience of the individual – whether volunteer, staff, trustees or clients – and the vision and objectives of the organisation.

Previous sessions have included:

Person-Centred Stakeholder Engagement

For Powys Community Health Council (CHC), on behalf of Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations (PAVO). A broad ranging 2-day induction for CHC volunteers, included person-centred listening skills for client interviews, and how to structure surveys and reports to maximise inclusion and accessibility.

Positive Volunteer Experience as a Social Benefit

Robert Owen Community Banking, on behalf of PAVO. This session for volunteer coordinators focused on improving the ‘volunteer experience’, not just as a means of retaining their loyalty or increasing their effectiveness, but as a positive outcome in itself – both for the volunteers and their local community.

The Personal Skills That Make Groups Work

Delivered as part of the Level 3 Certificate in Community Orcharding, on behalf of The Orchard Project. Covers non-violent communication and active listening, as well as individual skills in group decision-making and creativity.

For more information and to discuss your group’s needs, please don’t hesitate to contact Ryan on 07898 377122 or